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Read Chapter One about Hillary Clinton or another female politician as de-facto Dictator

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America - You Will Be Destroyed!
Thus Saith The Lord - and Other Amazing Prophecies

Book Description
Author R Scott Giberti, feeling compelled to warn and to inform Americans about frightening prophecies that he believes relate to their present and immediate future, has written America: You Will Be Destroyed! - And Other Amazing Prophecies.

Drawing from the prophecies of renowned evangelist William Branham, deemed by millions to be a prophet, Giberti in his first nonfiction book, take readers on an unforgettable journey through prophecy and current events and into the terrifying future of America.

His book is unique in that it was not written as a personal attack on Hillary Clinton, Nancy Pelosi or Sarah Palin, neither is it a commentary on their various scandals. In fact, Giberti does not seem to have a political axe to grind. He is on a mission seven events were foretold in 1933, two remain unfulfilled: Will Hillary Clinton or another current female political leader become an American de-facto dictator, and can America escape destruction?

America is at a crossroads and has a date with destiny, yet is deserving of a final warning. Read his book to find out why.

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The cover design is the work of Rebecca Washburn and R Scott Giberti.

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