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Since its first appearance, this little “Notebook” has gone through numerous editions, revisions and at least two different authors. This edition is the fruition of much previous labor.

I wish to express my profound gratitude to Robert Lee Turner (1910-2007) for his generosity in funding this project and assisting in its overall scope, design and intent. Thanks to my wife Tina without whose patience, support and editorial skills this project would not have happened. Special thanks go to the individuals that read through the entire Bible, providing the project with “fresh eyes.” These readers recorded the commonly unknown or misunderstood words and phrases that formed the basis of this book.

To God alone be all the glory. May the Lord add many souls from this generation who will receive blessing and salvation from using “Unlocking the King James Bible’s Common Words and Phrases – A Dictionary For Today’s Reader”.

R Scott Giberti
First Stone Publishing, LLC
May 2007

Note: Beyond the Genesis chapter, throughout the notebook wherever a certain name of/for God is used we have not provided an individual definition, rather we have included a section (Appendix C) entitled The Names of God – His Identity & Character).

Dear Friends,
As many of you know, my father Robert Turner had a great passion for the King James Bible. He also understood, however, that many young or newly converted believers mght not understand the language of King James. So, it became in his last years, a personal project of his to create a dictionary/thesaurus of the the King James Bible. He began marking, compiling and defining these difficult words and phrases. These notes took the basic form of what my dad affectionately called the “notebook”, which would be used side by side with the Bible to aid the reader.

In an effort to make my father’s dream come true, Mr. Giberti and RLT Foundation picked up where he left off. It was during the final editing phase of this project when my father was called home to be with his Lord & Savior. I am pleased to say that the work is now completed. I believe this book will be helpful to you personally and in your service to God.

Virginia Turner Rezetko
August 2007

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